The Wellness Center at Sursum Corda

At Sursum Corda, we are proud to partner with USANA Health Sciences, an international company based in Salt Lake City, to bring to Grays Harbor  their exceptional products that support vibrant health in children and adults. USANA offers three product lines of science-based products:

  1. Nutritionals: pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements,
  2. Low glycemic foods that support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  3. Personal Care products for the whole family

Come visit the Wellness Center the next time you are in town to learn more about the USANA difference. AND consider joining a January 2015 RESET group to start the year off strong.  RESET is USANA’s 5 day blood sugar cleanse to break the pattern of the high carbohydrate  roller coaster many find themselves trapped on. To learn more go to                                                               or talk with Carol today! [when you’re ready to order, please contact me first, so I can get you the best price!]